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Madeline's Boutique
Toronto, ON
Apr 21, 2011
Not knowing anything about this store other then they sell Sherri Hill dresses, we were pleasantly surprised when we started our search for the perfect prom dress. They had many styles and many sizes to choose from which was a huge relief as we are not all size 4. My daughter had seen the dress she really wanted to try on on-line and we were elated when we saw it here... only to be put off by the snooty comment to my daughter that "this will not fit you" as the sales lady promptly carried it away. I had to ask, "even though it may not fit, we'd still like to try it on to judge the style". She allowed us, but very reluctantly. I appreciated their honest opinion of the dresses as we tried them on and also appreciated that they did not hesitate to call for the correct size. This was the third store we looked at and I would suggest making this your first simply for their variety. : )
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