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XYZ Storage Toronto Midtown
Toronto, ON
Aug 04, 2018
I came to the store on a busy start of month day to rent a cargo van. I was greeted by staff who immediately offered me coffee or tea. From that moment on, the experience only increased in pleasantry. The staff advised me that while no vehicles were available at the moment, they could see which stores were closest and rent a vehicle for me at another location. I advised them that I was pressed for time and only needed a vehicle to transport a mattress, as the cords I had securing the mattress to my vehicle were inadequate. Understanding I was pressed for time and that a vehicle was not immediately available, the staff instead offered to provide me with adequate cords to secure the mattress. Not only did they supply the cords, but they even assisted in ensuring the mattress was secure before I drove away. I am grateful for the professionalism and customer service that was displayed and will definitely recommend this location in future.
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