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N49 Toronto Web Design
toronto, ON
May 09, 2013
service to others is the highest calling and I am happy to be apart of the n49 family. Jen at n49 has helped me and is right there to help me anytime I needed help which was alot, but very much so appreciated. I have a small company and struggle with my computer but they walk me through everything Thank you n49 team keep up the good work!
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By n49.com on May 09, 2013
That's so nice of you to say!

Saskatoon, SK
Feb 24, 2011
We spend the majority of our time at home so make a long term investment and get your furnace,ducts and vents cleaned for good air quality. We don't wait for long periods of time to get our oil changed in our vehicles,keeping everything maintained. Our health is far more important than our vehicles. Filters are a key point. We at Go Green use filters made from recycled materials that will stop microns that we cannot see that we are breathing in but also they keep the air flow steady, not to restrict the air flow to furnace that will be harmful to components in furnace. The human eye can see up to 10 microns. That is basically that beam of light shining through our windows,and those little particals floating around, that's about 10 microns. So who ever comes to clean and sanitize HVAC systems, I hope they do a good job for you and they will if you educate yourself on proper procedure. Sincerely yours,Jeff from www.GOgreenFURNACEclean.com
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