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Craft Bilt Materials Ltd - Decks
Ajax, ON
Apr 17, 2016
I have had this decking installed for 3 years now. It is great decking, but the reason I spent a premium price for decking was to gain dry unheated storage underneath it. Last summer I finished under the deck and was thrilled with the dry space. However, when winter arrived my dry space wasn't dry any longer. I believe what happens is that ice forms in the water channels under the seams where the deck boards are joined. Eventually, water overflows the channels. An email inquiry to the manufacturer resulted in a totally impractical recommendation to had electrical heating cable to keep the channels from freezing. I would need about 750 ft of heating cable, would have to string it between decking and joists, would have to find a way to keep it in contact with the channels, and then would have to pay the operating cost every winter! How practical is that?So, if you are looking to have dry space under your decking, keep looking, this is not it.
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Oh dear just noticed this review!Our instructions say that aluminum decking (that includes any aluminum decking by any mfr) should not be the sole roofing solution.Typically users apply a continuous membrane like BlueSkin or similar before installing the decking.If you are installing over living space the installation should be planned carefully.