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Craft Bilt Materials Ltd - Patio Cover
Ajax, ON
Jul 09, 2014
this was a tornado that happened at our house last week(July 2/14).It came out of nowhere and lasted about 15 minutes.I was outside(under the 4 inch panel Craft-Bilt awning) watching the storm.All of a sudden an ash tree beside the house, snapped off about 1/2 way up.It was at least a foot around and a very heavy tree. It came crashing down right on top of the awning before I could even react. If the awning had of come down on topof me, I would have been crushed by the weight of it and the tree. It didn't even budge and showed no damage at all(not even a dent). Unbelievable...Craft-Bilt saved my life...Thank-you...Randy RutledgePS: We had this installed last year by a local contractor(Harry at Wind O World in Bobcaygeon, Ontario)and just love it. We get severe winds in this area but this structure has been rock solid. We constantly getcompliments on how it looks and how well built it is. Recently one of our neighbors was so impressed thatthey got one as well. Keep up the good work and thanks again!
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Wow! We are glad that Craft-Bilt's Patio Cover saved your life!We know that our patio cover/roof panels are strong but that is impressive. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.And take care of yourself.