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Craft Bilt Materials Ltd - Sunrooms
Ajax, ON
Dec 13, 2014
For a number of years we had contemplated a small porch enclosure for the east side of our house as shelter from inclement weather. Compared a contractor built enclosure with several online vendors but the prices were pretty spendy. Further searching found the Sepio Weather Shelters (http://sepio.ca/) website out of Toronto, Canada. Special ordered a design for our existing composite board back porch through Israel Reinberg, with enclosure production and completion through Jonathan Reinberg, and shipping through Eyal Reinberg (Toronto, CA to Petersburg, Alaska). The enclosure was extremely well-packaged having survived the trucking and barging without delay or damage. The enclosure itself is extremely well-engineered with great attention to detail and craftsmanship, corner pieces matched up perfectly, removable screened sliding windows and automatic closing and adjustable storm doors, aesthetically pleasing gutter and roof assembly. Jonathan provided very helpful preliminary emailed and verbal instructions on the installation. Sedat Kurunc of Craft-bilt continued with invaluable instruction through emailed video clips and photos and telephone calls which brought the installation process to a very satisfying conclusion. We highly recommend both Sepio Weather Shelters through the Reinberg's, and the Craft-bilt product line.
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