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Hwy Law
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Nov 05, 2014
Save yourself money from paying these guys and look up the bad reviews they got online!One BIG mistake I did was not do an in-depth review on Hwy-Law before hiring them. I browsed through some reviews that seemed to look good without digging deeper to those who experienced the same BAD experience that I did now!HERE'S THE BREAKDOWN:- Got stop sign & insurance card tickets that I try to go to court myself, didn't work out- So I went to their Richmond Hill office (Rose) who acted nicely initially and heard my full court story until after she got the money- In first consult, she said the Charter 11b argument would work since my ticket was 9.5 months, and their guy Paul (at this Keele office) has set precedents for 8 months on the 11b to have the ticket thrown out.- I asked her if Charter 7 would work, and she said no it wouldn't, but the "11b is what's going to work".- She mentioned something about having to file for another special 11b (which she didn't end up doing) since an original one was already submitted, and that Paul could also use the original 11b to argue the case as he had done before (which he didn't do either).- Rose said she'll need to order court transcripts (which I have to pay) to make sure she knows what I said in court when I tried to go in myself (she didn't do that either).- After I left the office, they never initiated contact other than me calling them for updates which she didn't sound happy hearing from me.- Comes court date, I approached Paul outside the court room. He didn't even seem to know my file is there. I asked did you file the special 11b Rose talked about and also order those transcripts? His eyes started twitching/blinking fast and says "I made the call" not to do any of that because it's not going to work. Behavioural science says those involuntary facial expressions are signs of when someone is lying!- Remember his partner Rose @ Richmond Hill says "11b is what's going to work" and THAT'S the ONLY REASON why I hired them. But comes court date, he flusters and says it's not going to work. - He CLEARLY looked like he didn't even pay attention to my file until the court date and making up some nonsense of how it wouldn't work from the beginning.- I asked him, if you knew 11b was NOT going to work from the beginning, shouldn't you have told Rose to inform ME that it's not going to work instead of just TAKING MY MONEY ANYWAY?- He ignores the question and then starts blaming me on how I went in myself the 1st try and messed everything up.- Are you serious? The reason I HIRED Hwy-Law is because I knew I couldn't do it myself! I went to Rose at the Richmond Hill location and she confidently told me the 11b would work.- Now comes court date they CHANGE the whole story, after taking your money, and puts you at virtually no options than to take their advice to plead guilty for a lesser charge which will affect the insurance.- From the get-go, I told Rose I'm not here to lower the points or plead to a lesser charge. I want to go to trial for 11b and asked her if there are legitimate grounds to do so, and SHE SAID YES. And THAT'S why I hired them!- End up having no choice but to plead options. He was like, we can fight the 11b but we're not going to win. And I was like, I wish you TOLD ME THAT IN THE BEGINNING so I don't hire you guys!- I don't need to hire them to plead guilty to a lesser charge, I can do that with the prosecutor myself as many do so.- One more ridiculous thing is, at the beginning outside the courtroom after he flusters and was caught unprepared about my case, he mentioned he could get me a deal for NO DEMERIT POINTS, insurance card ticket gone, and just the stop sign ticket plead guilty.- What he ended up doing is pleading guilty with 3 demerit points against driving record on stop sign, and no insurance card ticket. Again, this is something that many people have talked on forum about doing themselves with the prosecutor.THE CONCLUSION OF THE STORY?STAY FAAAAAARRRR AWAY FROM THESE GUYS!!...unless you want to experience this horror story and other complaints from others like on the Better Business Bureau and forums.
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