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Kitchen Land
Mississauga, ON
Jan 08, 2019
We recently had our 30 year old kitchen renovated and chose Kitchenland for the job. We were pleased with our choice.Kitchenland (Alex) designed our new kitchen. We love the design, our kitchen is more efficient. Next we selected the materials, for which there was no sales pressure and a lot of selection and price points from which to choose. The payment schedule reflected the investment Kitchenland was making and the progress being made. We had few surprises once construction started. The additional costs were negligible, we felt we were treated fairly and the project was on time and on budget. Many of the people working on our project from Kitchenland, were family and friends who had clearly worked together before, they were proud of their work, this made for an overall great customer experience (as renovations go). Our project manager (Greg), was always available for consultation, even when he was off for the day.In summary, Kitchenland was easy to work with, they incorporated our feedback, and we received value for money. We are very pleased with the end result, we recommend Kitchenland and we would select them again given the choice.
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