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XYZ Storage Scarborough
Scarborough, ON
Jul 04, 2019
I had the worst experience with XYZ Storage: they treat customers like hostages: they lure new customers with low rates and couple of months later, they hike their prices, reduce hours of service. I got stuck twice at Beechgrove location, and no one answering the emergency number they provided. When I call the day after, they told me I should have called 911 !!! I also had a customer service rep hang up the phone while I was talking complaining about being stuck inside. By the way, they changed name (formerly 'All Canadian Storage') probably to make people forget their bad service. #XYZStorageBadService
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By Harshan Gunawardana on Jul 05, 2019
Hi Bob,I appreciate the time that you took to express your concerns with XYZ Self-Storage. Our number 1 priority is our valued customers! Please reach out to me directly at 416-253-5353 ext 900. It would be such a pleasure to personally speak with you and address your concerns.My best,Harshan Gunawardana