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XYZ Storage Toronto Midtown
Toronto, ON
Sep 08, 2019
I have had a small storage locker at Laird for 4 years and paid $50 a month. They raised the price to $55 a month 6 months ago and I was told it would not be raised again. I just checked my bill and they raised it to $60 and are collecting the money earlier. They did not inform me of the price increase by e-mail. I spoke to Amed and he said they select people to raise the price. I asked if it was because I was female and he laughed and said the price wouldn’t go down.
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By Harshan Gunawardana on Sep 09, 2019
Hi Joe,I appreciate the time that you took to express your concerns with All Canadian Self-Storage. Our number 1 priority is our valued customers! Please reach out to me directly at 416-220-9524. It would be such a pleasure to personally speak with you and address your concerns.My best,Harshan Gunawardana