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Craft Bilt Materials Ltd - Sunrooms
Ajax, ON
Oct 20, 2019
We are extremely happy with our decision to use Craft-Bilt railings. The fact that they are locally made in Canada was a major selling point for us. After comparing the design, quality and value to several other imported manufacturers it became an easy decision. The folks at Craft-Bilt were very helpful and patient throughout the purchasing process.The installation process does require a decent level of skill to ensure the correct measuring and drilling of holes to connect the various components. Be patient, measure twice - cut once, and ask the folks at Craft-Bilt if you're not sure. It is totally worth the effort.We definitely recommend Craft-Bilt railings, and have recommended Craft-Bilt be considered for submission to the made in Canada site; https://madeinca.ca/submissions/
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Nice pictures and nice job! We really appreciate the review. By the way, can we quote a beautiful Betterliving™ Canopy for those big cedar beams? https://craft-bilt.com/products/betterliving-retractable-canopies/