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Wynn Fitness North York
Toronto, ON
Nov 03, 2019
Here is an update from my review posted 18 months ago. This location is absolutely in need of maintenance specifically in the group exercise room. 4 out of 5 of the bikes are either don't peddle smoothly or the adjustment pins do not work. The mats are tattered and smelly. The steps are dirty and many of the risers are either cracked or missing. There are no additional equipment such as resistance bands. Despite letting the managers know, nothing has been done. The smell of sewer still occasionally permeates the group exercise room. There are days when the walking down the stairs the smell is horrible. The bathrooms in the ladies room are not clean. The cement walls of the stalls are stained and hold the filth. There has been a big turnover of class instructors. Of course this is not the managers' fault however it is their responsibility to hire new staff and ensure that an instructor arrives to each class. The front desk staff should have updated information. Instead we arrive to find no instructor and when we call the front desk they have been given incorrect information, which is passed along to us. This is sloppy and shows a lack of caring for the members.
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