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Bedford, NS
Sep 09, 2017
Manager, I recently retired from the Canadian Forces and settled in the Halifax region; my son has been seen at your office.Today, I was diagnosed with shingles and required an eye exam within 24 hours. I presented myself at your office and explained the need for an emergency appointment. I was extremely disappointed with your reception staff. No compassion, understanding or empathy for a person in need. She told me that I could not been seen even though it was an emergency and would not ask a Dr. If an exception could be made. The biggest disappointed, was how she reacted to my medical issue - following me out of the office while she dis-infected any possible surface I may have touch. She was clearly disgusted to see me in your office. Re-training and education is clearly needed; and those in the front line of medical services need compassion and understanding....I did not experience these traits.Your front office staff will support or destroy your reputation; i did not get the chance to judge your competences. I was seen by another office and was treated as a human should be....and thankfully, my eye sight has not been compromised.I am still extremely disappointed; I hope you never experience this medical issue or treatment. LCol K.F. Butterworth, OMM, MSM, CD, BBA, MMDS
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By Dr. Amanda Boudreau on Sep 08, 2017
Dear LCol K.F. Butterworth. Although it can be very difficult to squeeze in a complete eye examination if there are no openings, I am dismayed by the treatment you received at our office. I am at a loss as to why the staff person didn't at least ask a doctor if you could be seen or find out what to do if she wasn't able to see you. (e.g. assist you in finding an available doctor elsewhere) Our manager wasn't in today due to a family emergency; however, I know that she will certainly take steps to ensure this doesn't happen to another patient. I would love to do something to make this up to you, but certainly understand if you would rather not deal with us again. At the very least, I'm sure our manager Cindy would like to talk to you about your experience so we can learn from our mistake and not repeat it. If so, please call the office at 835-2020 and ask to leave a voice mail for Cindy. She is back in the office on September 15th. Alternatively, if you wish to talk to someone sooner, I would be happy to take your call myself on my cell at: 902-225-6805. Sincerely, Dr. Toby Mandelman
By Dr. Amanda Boudreau on Sep 09, 2017
“I am one of the owners at Bedford Eye Care and was working yesterday. I am disheartened to hear how you were treated and I want you to know this is in no way a reflection of how I want my patients treated. Had I been approached, I would have worked to find a place to see you yesterday, if I had known you were here. As docs, we always do our very best to accommodate emergencies – and though sometimes it’s tough to do, most of the time we are able to find a way to make it work. I know that there is nothing that I can say after the fact to take back the events of yesterday but I want you to know how truly sorry I am that you were treated this way, and I want you to know we will deal with this accordingly as a high priority. Clearly more training is needed at the very least, as you pointed out – and you were far more gracious about it than I would have been if I were in your shoes. Furthermore shingles isn’t even contagious, so clearly our staff needs to be better educated – because you’re right – they represent us – and in this case did a terrible job at it. Please know that in no way does this represent the mentality of our clinic as a whole – I am embarrassed you were treated this way. We strive every day to be the best we can. I know you may never want to return, but if you do choose to see us again we will do our very best to make it up to you.“ Dr. Erin McLeod