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Bedford, NS
May 29, 2015
I am new to Nova Scotia and didn't know where to start, but so pleased our family ended up here. I have a high prescription, an astigmatism and wore hard contact lenses for 32 years. My eyeglasses have not been enjoyable for many, many years. The last pair felt unusable at times, but really I just gave up ever being truly satisfied with glasses. Dr. Dobson was great. And then onto the contact fitting. Erin was so patient with me, and although it took a few different lenses, she found the right pair and the soft lenses feel amazing. And I can see beautifully. Never did I feel like I was problematic or rushed. Erin also helped me with my glass prescription and the fitting (where so many problems can happen). She was so careful. The results are incredible. It might sound dramatic to say "life-changing", but after years of squinting and adjusting and reading with a book 2-3 inches from my eyes, I would use those words. I find the staff helpful, professional and friendly. My son has broken his glasses 4 or 5 times in 6 months, and each time we come in to get them fixed, we are greeted with a smile.
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