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Bedford, NS
Jul 19, 2013
We went to Bedford Eye Care seeking a second opinion about glasses for my 11 year old daughter (who has been wearing glasses since she was 11 months old). The glasses she had just been prescribed were not working for her. She had headaches, distortion,the words on a page looked pixelated and were difficult to read. After being dismissed at the first clinic as this being a "case of her not wanting to wear her glasses", I was so pleased that Dr. Mandelman looked straight at her and said "I believe you", and "We are going to figure this out". Dr. Mandelman decided that she was a candidate for Shaw lenses, and now that she is wearing them she is so pleased with the result. Other glasses she had in the past allowed her to see about half as well as these Shaw lenses. Her vision is sharper, her eyes are seeing better together, and she notices many little details of her surroundings that she missed with regular lenses all these years. Alanna, the optician who worked with her, went above and beyond to help her and was very thorough with her measurements to get the perfect fit for the new glasses. We are tremendously pleased with the professionalism of this clinic, and I'm so happy that my daughter's vision is so much better with the Shaw lenses.
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