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Erinmills Limousine Service Inc.
Mississauga, ON
Jul 22, 2013
Unlike so many positive reviews on this site I wanted to share my recent wedding day experience using Erin Mills Limo.Our wedding day was on an extremely hot July day and unfortunately for us as soon as we were picked up at the salon we noticed how extremely hot the Hummer was inside. Adjusting the temperature gauges did zero to help with the heat. Upon mentioning this to the driver we were given a dozen excuses and essentially nothing was done. The driver did not admit that there was an issue and as the day progressed the temperature just kept getting hotter. Nothing was done to find a resolution and our entire wedding party suffered from the heat and discomfort. In addition to this the driver was beyond rude about the whole situation. After contacting the company to voice our complaint after the fact. They refused to acknowledge an issue or problem and did not offer or attempt to provide a fair resolution. Beware when booking with this company!!!!!
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By EMLimo on Aug 7, 2013
We’re very sorry to hear this client had such an unfortunate experience with our Hummer but we do appreciate them voicing their opinion. We take complaints very seriously because, thankfully, they’re very rare with our company. After thoroughly investigating this issue, speaking with the driver and sending the vehicle into the mechanic immediately for inspection, we’ve determined that the equipment in the Hummer was not malfunctioning the day of this service. Unfortunately Mother Nature played the most important role in creating this issue as it was close to 40 °C on this particular day and there were multiple reasons why the vehicle could not cool down instantaneously – even with the cool air on maximum. The Hummer is an extremely large vehicle that can accommodate 20 guests. Having to open the doors repeatedly to load and unload passengers, keeping the windows down, simply having this many passengers inside a confined space and the sheer size of the vehicle all contribute to the temperature inside. When its’ unbearably hot and humid outside, the driver can only do his best to crank the A/C to maximum and do what he can to cool the car down as much as possible. These are not excuses, these are solutions. As a reputable company, we’re very regretful to hear a client of ours is unsatisfied with our driver and even with our follow up response. We are very confident in our Award Winning chauffeurs and office staff and know that our driver did his best to assist the day of and also that our resolution post service was more than fair to this client. We’d like to invite our future clients to visit our Mississauga office to view and compare our fleet of very well maintained vehicles and to meet with our experienced office staff to create your own positive experience with us!