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The Brick Corporate Office
Edmonton, AB
May 15, 2012
My husband and I bought a sectional from the Brick July 2011. By October 2011 it was falling apart. At that time I contacted the Brick to let them know what was going on. I set up a date for a service guy to come out. He did not show up so I called again to let the Brick no that no one came out. I at that time asked to sleek to a manager. I was told they would give him a message he would call back. I called for more times and still no manager was around and they still had not called back. It was now Frbruary 2012. I called yet again to sleek to a manager and set up another service call. The service man came out and said we had to order a part for the recliner so we did. It's now May and the Part is not in. I called at the beginning of the month to see what's going on. They told me it could take up to 12 weeks to come in. The manager said (after I got very mad and upset with him) he would send another service guy out. That was May 3rd 2012. On May 5th 2012 I called the Brick because I had put a small burn mark in the couch. I asked if it was covered under our extended warranty. The girl said she did not know as she was new and asked to put me on hold so she could ask. She came back and said that it was covered and everything would be okay. When I got a phone call from the Brick today May 14th 2012 I was told that it would not be covered under my extended warranty unless we bought a leather couch. I asked to talk to a manager and the girl said they all had meetings and someone would call me back. I said no you will find one now because they don't call back. A manager came to the phone and said the same. I them reminded him I had been trying to get it fixed since October 2011. He said well that's to bad because your warranty is void and there is nothing they can do. I said yes there is because if you had fixed that part of my couch I would just leave the burn mark as that was my fault. As for the stuffing falling out and the recliner not workin, I didn't do that and that's not fair. You guys have to fix that. He begin to yell so I yelled back. Anyway I'm in the process of writing an email to a few news stations.
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