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Bianchi Brothers Auto Body
Toronto, ON
Jan 23, 2012
I had my car's rear bumper replaced by Umberto Bianchi just a few days ago under insurance. I have to say Umberto was quite the aggravator. What was supposed to be a simple matter of either repairing, or replacing the part, became something else. Umberto was supposed to liaison with the Adjuster to get the ok to do whatever work was necessary, instead he kept calling me and asking me what I wanted to do?!!!Having discussed what I wanted to do several times with him already, I was not sure what the guy was getting at. Ideally, I wanted to have a OEM bumper installed if the original could not be repaired. I ignored him for the three days he kept calling and leaving messages, and had my broker refer him to the Adjuster's supervisor. In the end a new OEM was put on at no cost to me, and my car was in the Bianchi Bros. shop for five days (while I drove an insurance covered rental).I picked up my car outside of his shop after hours. The area in the shop that my car was being serviced at some point something was pressing into my driver's side door and created two small holes in alignment in the paint. The irony of this is that it happens after I've had my BMW for almost 4 years and gone out of my way to avoid door dings by parking behind God's back!I wouldn't recommend dealing with Umberto Bianchi, or taking your car to the Bianchi Brothers.
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