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Karmac-German Autohaus
Edmonton, AB
Sep 14, 2009
This is just a word of caution for anyone with an import automobile who is thinking about using Karmac – the german Autohaus Ltd at 17304 Stony Plain Road in Edmonton for any repairs.STAY AWAY FROM THEMThey are either grossly incompetent and do not know the first thing about repairs or they are complete crooks, perhaps a little of both.Let me tell you my story.A couple of months ago my 2005 Jaguar “S” Type encountered a power drain and the battery would die overnight. I tried to get it into Jaguar Edmonton but they were booked solid for a couple of weeks. I saw on Karmac’s building that they advertised they workd on Jaguars so I took it to them the next day ( maybe the fact that I could get them to look at it so quick should have been a tip off to their incompetence) They kept my car for 8 days and during this time did nothing to it, they said they could not find the power drain and charged me almost $1,000.00 for keeping my car over a week and doing NOTHING. They even admitted that there were many days when they did not have time to work on the vehicle.Last week I took the car into the Jaguar dealership and surprise, surprise they found the problem and fixed it in 2 hours at a price almost half of what Karmac charged for doing NOTHING.To reitereate if you do not want to be cheated by a bunch of crroksSTAY AWAY FROM KARMAC
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By donnasho on Mar 10, 2011
Your story is exactly what experienced. I dont know why they tell their customers to bring the car the next day and just let it sit on the lot. then they charge the customers without fixing the problem? its unfair, you are right they are crooks. Thanks for your story. I would like to share my story about my Mercedes, but its the exact same.