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Toronto, ON
Nov 27, 2012
I had a set of double doors on my home that were quite drafty, and as only one door opened anyway, I decided to replace with a single door, with two side inserts. The salesperson was veryhelpful in discussing options and all of the individuals who performed the work were courteous and efficient. I had one challenge related to the tax rebate as I had been told the tax would not appear on my bill, but when the installer came it was showing and I was being asked to wait for the reimbursement. This was a misunderstanding and the staff were able to rectify the situation quicly and without any hassle. Much appreciated! The installer also made recommmendations for me based on his observations on water damage and verified that my door was often in the direct path of rain. He has recommended some type of storm door, which I need to act on in the future. The quality of the work is high. I have noticed that a very small area of caulking has pulled away from the vinyl, but I've been lazy about calling this in. Perhaps they will read this review and contact me to come fix it...please! I highly recommend the company.
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