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Countryside Boarding Grooming & Doggie Daycare
Kitchener, ON
Dec 26, 2011
I have a very large dog, so I specifically booked a SUITE. When I arrived they DIDNT put him in a suite but in a very small cage! They assured me that he would be moved in minutes, only right after they switched some dogs around (excuses an lies!) because when I arrived to pick up my dog he was STILL in the same small cage! They lied and said he had been in the suite and charged me for it anyway! Lies lies lies! Plus, his pee was very dark and he drank like crazy, lost a lot of weight! I feel awful for having left my dog there it is obvious he didn't have water, wasn't properly fed and wasn't put in the expensive and large suite I PAID for. NEVER USE THEM!!! THEY NEGLECT ANIMALS because the animals can't tell us what is really happening. I hope their buisness flops!
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