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Countryside Boarding Grooming & Doggie Daycare
Kitchener, ON
Jul 09, 2011
My puppy has been going to daycare at Countryside 5 days a week, since she was 10 weeks old. Now, at 10 months, we are thrilled that she is so well socialized with both people and dogs. We adored our previous dog, but she never warmed up to other people or most other dogs. We were determined not to let that happen with our new puppy because it had detrimentally affected our ability to invite guests to our home.Countryside's daycare program puts Sophie in the daycare group that matches her activity level (non-stop playtime!) and personality (a bit of a tease). The staff at Countryside has helped her learn to tone down her aggressiveness with more timid dogs and to respect alphas. Sophie hops around every morning after my husband leaves for work because that's the signal that we will soon leave for daycare. When we arrive she runs to say hello to the staff and then sniffs the leashes and collars hanging just outside the door to the kennel to see which of her friends have arrived. When the door opens, she runs to the daycare areas and chooses the one that holds the dogs with whom she wants to play, standing at the door and looking at the staff until the door is opened. I understand she is one of many who go through this ritual; anyone who thinks dogs aren't smart, needs to see these dogs.I fully credit Countryside and their staff for helping develop our puppy into a dog we can literally take anywhere. What a dream! I had seen other people with their furry traveling partners and was always envious.Sophie is a happy, calm dog at home after a full day of indoor and outdoor play at Countryside. I know the staff is paying close attention to the way the dogs relate to each other and take quick action to correct inappropriate behaviour between dogs and I'm grateful when they tell me everything is great, but even more so when they let me know their concerns, so we can work on them together.We love our Sophie so much and thanks, to a large degree, to Countryside for helping us to be able to share her with our family, friends and even strangers!
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