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Countryside Boarding Grooming & Doggie Daycare
Kitchener, ON
Jul 05, 2011
I have boarded my dog at this kennel on a few occasions, never for more than 24 hours and only when my first choice kennel is booked. I have always noticed that my dog is not nearly as happy after being picked up from countryside as he is when I pick him up from his regular spot, and after the last time I think I now understand why. The last time he was there, I packed his food in a tupperware container with enough dry food for a night and morning feeding (in the past I have always just sent the whole bag)and a fresh unopened can of wet food. I left specific instructions on how much of the two types of food were to be mixed together, but when I came to pick him up and his belongings were given back to me, it was obvious to me, based on the amount of food that was still in the containers, that he had only been fed once; and not even enough to equal my instructions on one meal. When I questioned the staff on this,I was at first lied to...told absolutely they fed him twice, and then was given a host of excuses, some of which contradicted each other, when I pointed out the food levels in the containers. Then to top it all off, the staff ended up just walking away from me,leaving me with the receptionist who continued to make excuses. When I got my dog home, he drank bowl after bowl of water, which, due to the food issue, made me worry that my dog was also not provided with enough water while at countryside. Needless to say, I will never take my dog to this kennel again!!!! and thank goodness I had only left him there for less than 24 hours...I get sick to my stomach thinking what state he might have been in if I left him there for a few days or a whole week. This happened 5 days ago...I have since left a message with the receptionist to have the owner call me to discuss my concerns, out of worry for the other animals who are left in this kennel. The receptionist was rude to me when I mentioned I was calling to discuss concerns about the care they provide and unfortunately, no call back as of yet...what does that say about there commitment to providing good care?
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