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Lilac Grove Boarding Kennel
Thunder Bay, ON
Feb 10, 2015
I could go into a long drawn out story here, but the bottom line is I would not use this kennel again under any circumstances. The first time we were treated with professionalism and courtesy by both the owner and staff and our dog seemed genuinely happy when we picked her up. The second time, we dealt only with the owner who was working alone even though she had a full kennel when we arrived and she was alone again when we picked up the dog 8 days later. There was no courtesy and no professionalism this time. She rushed us through the intake process and when we picked up our dog all she could do is complain about how much our dog barked. She even insisted on being paid in cash. What is with that? Though I would never go so far as to say our dog was abused, as there was no physical evidence of that, but the dog certainly wasn't as happy leaving there as the first time. The dog couldn't wait to get out of there and literally ran to the truck and laid there in the back seat shaking until she was sure she was on her way home. Our dog is not a stranger to kennels and this reaction was unusual and concerned us. The dog never had that reaction to being in a kennel before that, and has not had that reaction since. I wish the dog could talk. I do not like this kennel's practice of enclosing the dogs in their kennels and only opening the door to the outdoor run once every two hours (or perhaps longer, who knows for sure), and I have to wonder just how long the dog was shut up in its little space. Would I recommend this place? Not if you love your pet.
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