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Lilac Grove Boarding Kennel
Thunder Bay, ON
May 27, 2014
I just read the terrible review of Lilac Grove kennel from the woman who says her pup was not the same when it came home. I have been in the dog profession for over 40 years and as such, I've had my share of encounters with unreasonable people. This woman sounds like such a person. I have been leaving my dogs at Lilac Grove since they opened and I can honestly say that I have Never had any problems whatsoever. I have met the staff who are professionally trained by Wendy , who is herself , a gem.I simply cannot fathom how this woman could have such a horrible experience when everyone else raves about the wonderful care that their pets receive at Lilac Grove. I strongly suspect that her pup suffers from a lack of proper socialization. No dog of sound temperament would react as this lady describes. Perhaps it was premature of her to leave her pup at such a tender age and She should take responsibility for her pups lack of confidence instead of blaming the kennel. And what a mistake it is to attack this particular kennel. Without a doubt it is the BEST boarding kennel in the area. Just ask the hundreds of satisfied customers who feel fortunate when they are able to get a spot at Wendy's By the way, wherever did she get the idea that kennel owners must be on the property 24/7? How unrealistic is that. Get a grip lady. Is this your first dog? Anytime you take your dog out of the safety of your arms bad things can happen to it. Perhaps you should just stay home and coddle your dog and forget about boarding it with anyone. Pity the poor kennel or groomer who has to deal with your neurosis. I've never had any of my dogs come out of there dirty and even if they did, so what? Lilac grove is a Boarding Kennel and not a groomer and it was unrealistic of you to expect a perfectly clean animal. Having said that, I Must say my dogs have always come back as clean or cleaner than when they went in. You really do sound like a novice dog owner who needs to focus on strengthening your dogs temperament instead of blaming Lilac Grove. There are many great training facilities who can help you and your dog I urge you talk to someone more knowledgable before you are saddled with a problem dog. No dog with a sound temperament would ever fall apart as seriously as you imply that your dog did. In fact, if I were the owners of Lilac Grove I would be calling a lawyer. You are making some serious accusations which in my opinion are totally ridiculous and unbelievable. New customers, ignore that woman's review. She sounds like someone with really unrealistic expectations and frankly, a bit of a nut case. Go visit Lilac Grove and judge for yourself. You will be impressed
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