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Westhills Veterinary Clinic
Calgary, AB
Apr 18, 2011
I have always gone to this vet for my dog, and they were for some reason okay with me feeding my dog terrible grain, by-product, and chemical colouring and preservative filled food for 5 years. My dog's coat was dull, teeth were bad, and eyes were dull as well. When I finally came to my senses and started reasearching food I began with homemade cooked food which the vet was hesistant about and didn't help me one bit coming up with a recipe or anything. Then I tried Orijen, then the vet started talking, going on about it being so bad and that I should switch to science diet. I then said I didnt want to give my dog food with un-natural, un-healthy, and chemical ingredients in it and she just said dogs have evolved and its the best food for them. I said a very firm no way in hell, and she just huffed and said well as long as you dont feed raw. Going to a natural dog food store right after that I talked to the girl their who revealed the big companies like Proctor and Gamble (Iams) and Hills (science diet)are the ones who sponser vet's education in animal nutrition which is why they are so set on that shit 'food'. I now feed my dog raw, it has been 6 months since I started and her fur is soft, eyes are bright, teeth are almost white again, and she has a ton of energy. I haven't gone back to the vet yet, and am now looking for a holistic vetrinarian who actually know what they are talking about.Last tid-bit, they also just pumped her full of vaccines for the five years, giving her every single one, I now realize that was terrible for her as well and regret agreeing to it.
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By ahtblanch on Jun 19, 2013
You would really trust a clerk at a store selling food who may or may not have their high school education rather than your Veterinarian who went to school for 8+ years?!! The pet food store clerk will tell you anything to get a sale.
By ScottyBoy on Nov 13, 2013
I was astounded at the depth and breadth of knowledge the staff showed whenever we took our dog in. Not once did I feel that anyone at the clinic was offering advice that wasn't in the best interest of our pet.