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Westhills Veterinary Clinic
Calgary, AB
Feb 07, 2011
I rushed in to this clinic without an appointment and barged the line after my dog had just been run over by a 1/2 ton truck with a cement mixer in tow! The tread marks were still on his back to prove it! They took my dog from me right away, no questions asked and took care of him right away. The Vet in charge, kept him for observation just to make sure he wouldn't go in to shock. My dog's pulse and blood pressures were a little high after the incident. I was more than pleased to hear that he was going to be okay and sheer adrenaline must have saved him without a scratch. I was only charged for a routine service appointment. Everyone was extremely helpful and even asked if they could call someone to pick me up for a safe drive home. I don't go anyplace else. Thank you Dr. Sinclair-Smith.
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