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Westhills Veterinary Clinic
Calgary, AB
Aug 20, 2010
I recently moved to calgary and am trying to find a vet, and this is one i will never go to again.I read the reviews before i went but thought that since there was only one negitive review out of 5 it can't be that bad, that person must be over reacting..Well It was, My dog was lethargic, and wouldn't move with help, so I made an appointment (they had an opening for 2 hours from then) and we went in. When they saw her the staff looked generally concerned. The vet gave her a look over and some how determined that after a handful of tests she has low calcium (in her blood?) She asked what I fed (Wellness) and she told me how that was next to garbage food! then suggested science diet!!! I was offended by this but told them I would consider it..She gave me some medicine, and after a while started nagging me about how I shouldn't feed anythign other than their advertised brands. When I told her about how i've researched kibbles and how I know i'm feeding my dog right. She told me I wasn't capable of know 'what's right' for my dog because i'm not yet a vet. (i'm in my second year.. ha)After just agreeing and buying a small bag of SD so she would stop saying i'm neglecting my dogs needs, and with some over priced meds. I went find that my dog was allergic to the meds and got 5x sicker.. going to her she said it was my food once again..I went to a different vet and found out that my dog had autoimmune diease (after one blood test).. thanks for wasting almost $500 of my money..on things that didn't need to be tested for..
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