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Westhills Veterinary Clinic
Calgary, AB
Jan 15, 2010
I came to this vet clinic over the summer when my dog got sick. They got me in between appointments only when I started to cry that I couldn't get my dog into a clinic and she was seriously sick.The vet was extremely rude to me because I never brought my dog in as soon as she got the diarrhea, Though she only had it for one day before she became lethargic and weak. I recently moved and requested my file - even though the vet was rude to my face - I could never imagine the words I'd find on that file. Words like "Homo?" or "dried stool around anus - neglectance", "Family too busy for dog - made teenage daughter bring it in", "daughter uncaring and ignorant" this continues for about 1/5th of the page. I will never return to this vet even if my pet was dying! I've had one bad experience here before, and I am so ashamed that ever went back! Please for you or your pet, don't come here! You will be treated rudely and over charged. I could ramble about everything on my file, or my experiences here. If you do come here, I hope you get better service that I recieved..
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