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Dec 08, 2018
Things to like:- Lots of food that clogs your system so you don't feel hungry.- Well-insulated cooler bag (wonder what the bacteria count is inside it though).- Easy to book days off with reasonable time cut offs.- Tasty salad dressings.- Small, tasty desserts that satisfy cravings and aren't too sweet.Why I wouldn't order from this company EVER again:- They provide fair customer.service until the charge is processed.- Credit card charge seemed disproportianately high as compared to website prices (hidden costs?).- No invoice provided, despite requests.- Most of the entrees are uninteresting, repetitive and include small protein and vegetable portions ( I supplemented with my own fresh, low carb vegetables for both lunches and dinners).- Low quality 'No Name' rotation of mild cheddar, mozzarella and swiss cheeses provided every day, even when you request non-dairy snack.- the Nature bars are tasty and easy to purchase at Costco.- The Pure Protein bars sit in you digestive system like rocks.- Towards the end of the delivery, I actually threw some of the meal out untouched as I couldn't face them.- There are many higher quality delivery services availabe at lower cost (not as flexible with delivery though).- Difficult to find reviews online.
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