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One Stop Auto & Hitch
Edmonton, AB
Dec 30, 2015
I have found the guys who run this family run business to be very fair and accommodating to my auto needs, and have used them quite often, for both out of province inspections and repairs.
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All Weather Windows
Calgary, AB
Dec 12, 2015
A few years ago we had a south facing new picture window installed. Triple pane. About every 2 years the seal would fail and it would begin to fog along the top foot of the window during colder weather. The last replacement was summer of 2015 and by fall time 2015 it was already fogging. Up until now the service has been good, even though the window never holds up long. But as of late, I have tried numerous times to contact the repair support department but no one returns my calls or emails. A bit frustrating as I paid them nearly $400 for labour to exchange it and it's not any better than the one they took out. The integrity of many of todays businesses is not like it used to be. A lot of them like to look good by supporting causes and organisations but basic customer service has gone by the wayside.
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