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Pesticon Pest Control
Toronto, ON
May 08, 2012
I would also like to add my positive review here. After spotting a mouse scurrying across the living room floor this fall, I called Pesticon the next morning, based on reviews on this site. I received a same-day visit, and afterward was told that there would likely be no signs of my little friend in 3-14 days. As a mother of two small girls, I was satisfied that the discretely placed bait and traps were safe. About 6 weeks later, I found a few droppings under the kitchen sink, so I decidedto take advantage of their 6-month guarantee and requested another visit. Mr. Ahmed came over that very day to have a look, to address the issue (put additional bait trap under sink, bait behind stove, etc.). Although I tried to tip him for the prompt visit, Mr. Ahmed politely refused, saying that he would come back "50 times if he had to" at no additional charge. As the weather turns colder, I am so relieved to know that professional help is just a phone call away should we have problems in the future. Would recommend this company with absolutely no hesitation.
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