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Dr. Jeffrey Brown Weight Loss MD
Thornhill, ON
Jul 13, 2017
I was a professional dieter! Tried every diet going and then gained it all back! Over the years my cholesterol and blood pressure have been going up and my GP tells me to watch what I eat! I tried Dr Browns program and went in with the attitude this would not work. I am now down 42.5 pounds, I am OFF BOTH my cholesterol and blood reassure medicine. My GP now says that what ever I am doing with Dr Brown to keep doing it. When I met with the lady at reception she was welcoming and explained the basics of the program. She was very clear that if I didn't like the program or Dr Brown before I left my first appointment I would get my money back. It is a diet. No I cant't eat potatoes, rice, bread but that is the stuff that was killing me! When I went on holiday Dr Brown modified the program for me and i was able to have drinks and treats.All the staff has been wonderful. I have been to many doctors offices where they scowl at you. At Dr browns they are all incredibly friendly. Also unlike many Dr offices at Dr browns I can walk in at any time during clinic hours or if I need some support if I am feeling like i m going to cheat. No other office I have been to lets you do that.Bottom line is if i had not gone to him after reading reviews below it would have been my loss and the loss of my health !Thank you Dr Brown. My husband is a little upset cause now because I am out shopping for new clothes!
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