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My Adventure Boot Camp
Vancouver, BC
Apr 17, 2012
Before I started attending boot camp, I was lazy and did not take any pride in my body. I now realize that you only get one, and it will only give you back what you put into it. Thank you so much T’ai for giving me the kick in the tush that I needed to jump start my weight loss and boost my confidence. I feel like renewed!
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GeoFocus Mould Solutions
Toronto, ON
Apr 10, 2012
When buying a new home I called out the guys at GeoFocus Mould Solutions. They found mold, which allowed me to get a better deal. Great job!
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Korecki Real Estate Services Inc.
Richmond, BC
Mar 07, 2012
One of my tenants had a small emergency pop up while I was out of town. Thankfully, as I was with Korecki Real Estate, they handled the problem immediately. That gives both me, and my tenants, a great sense of comfort.
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