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Calgary, AB
May 06, 2014
I brought my little Molly (maltese shih tzu cross) to this place (2nd time) just before Easter this year. First of all i asked that she be bathed and cleaned (ears, nails clipped, face cleaned) ONLY and asked that they leave her the length that she was. When i arrived to pick her up and pay i noticed that she had been clipped and her ears were cut shorter than they've ever been and they were not matted. I didn't say anything because i could live with that BUT what happened 2 days later is really what got me. We noticed Molly laying down more than usual and not eating (she is 11 months old and wants to play continuously). When i touched her ears she cried and by the next day they were oozing inside and infected. We took her to our Vet and the first thing the Vet asked was if she had been groomed recently. In a nut shell, whoever took care of our little baby did such a poor job cleaning her ears that she suffered tremendous pain and was on antibiotics and ointment for over a week to clear up the mess. This cost us over $200 in Vet costs and time off work to take her there. I would never recommend this place to anyone and i'm still so mad that i can't even call them or go there because i would lose my mind on them.If you love your doggy like we do, stick with PetSmart or somewhere that is clean and in the open. Price should not be a factor when it comes to the care of your pet.KH
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By chevlover on May 6, 2014
I believe there are more than one location so i just want to clarify that this was at the 68th Street NE location. 
 I hope whoever uses this place has better luck that i did. Worst experience of our lives and we've had other dogs before. Very unprofessional.
By Jelly on Jan 8, 2015
I'm so sorry. As a business owner you need to tell them this. I know they have 5 groomers working there and without know who or why they cannot deal with the situation for the future dogs. I also know a groomer can't give a dog an ear infection it would have been an underlying issue. Phone them they are really nice. And will address all of your concerns