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Sunco Sunspaces
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Aug 30, 2013
I've worked with SunCo for a number of years as a consultant and have been blessed to have them in my life. I can honestly say they truly strive to run their business with integrity in the noisy market, to stand above the rest. They do their best to educate their customers in order to arm them with truthful information, so they can make an informed decision, regardless of whether they choose SunCo or not. When I was first approached by them to do some work, I knew nothing about their product. Not due to any words or actions of their own, I was quickly convinced they have an excellent product when during the meeting with one of the owners (inside one of their standalone display rooms) a bad storm rolled in with winds that looked like they were going to tip my car over and rip the roof off their office building. I couldn't help but notice that the sunroom we were sitting in didn't even creak in those winds. That's all it took to convince me that they have a superior product, at which point I agreed to work with them. I know they constantly re-evaluate their company procedures to continually improve their customer relations as well as strictly monitoring safe work practices to ensure their installers are exceeding the requirements. I have a personal policy that I only work with businesses that show integrity. Based on my observations as somebody working with them as a consultant, not a customer, I know SunCo will be building my sunroom when I'm ready to put one on my home.Ernst Bergen, P.Eng.
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