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Craft Bilt Materials Ltd - Patio Cover
Ajax, ON
Aug 26, 2014
Sedat sent me the photos this morning which helped quite a bit and enabled us to get the gutter up. (We didn't realize we needed to bend the 'anchors'.) All done now except the down spouts and getting the cedar to clad the PT wood beams. A few current photos. Let me know if you like more when it's all done. And when my biggest issue was getting the right​info to get a suitable truck to transport the system, I would say Yes, it was a pretty positive experience! The system is very well designed and pretty easy to put together once you figure it out (as per usual, directions could have been a bit better w more photos/diagrams for the installation of the the poly roof). ALL parts were packed very well and we appreciated some of the little extra work you guys did in the shop - like putting in the rubber gaskets and notching where the beams are placed. Like I said, it was just the blending of the two roofs that made it a bit tricky (such as lining up the roofs and trying to get the short support in place for the poly roof under the insulated panel roof overhang. Not easy on the forearms!) And now that we know how these things work, I now may need to determine what roof I like better to possibly put over my front porch and walkway! ;)Thanks,Frank
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