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South Ridge Townhouse Holdings
Edmonton, AB
Apr 22, 2012
We had a flood in our storage after 2 weeks of our moing there because there is no real maintenance for this old building, our oven was set on fire twice because of the cheap appliances, before we moved out all the tenants got a note that the water will be turned off one special day each week so they can fix the continuous problems of the pipes and the drainage, and tat's instead of turning off the water randomly whenever they want to fix anything which happens a lot! We had a continuous problem in flushing the toilets!on the other hand, When you move in they will be very freindly for you telling you that they want you to feel home and to hang pictures and so on , and when you will move out even if you make sure you clean the walls with soap and water ( from up to down) as they ask you in their "moving instruction papers" in order to prepare the apartement for th new tenant, evn if you paint the walls , thy will charge you for painting which cost us like 600 $ and they will charge you for cleaning the windows even if it was as dirty as you moved in, and apparently they bring an IT consultant to do the cleaning job since the hour rate they force you to pay to this person is 28.5 $ , breifly it was a very bad experience in its beginning to its end and eben after.
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