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London's Airport Kia
London, ON
Dec 20, 2014
I had recently went to londons airport kia to look at a used vehicle they had there for sale .my wife and I took it for a test drive as the salesman didn't even show us anything about the car and knew very little about the car as well. we were still interested in it , we went inside to come up with some prices as I also wanted to trade in my car and include it in the negotiation.the salesman came up with a price and we were pretty happy with it . I went home to grab the vehicle to trade in. when I had arrived back the salesman then brought me a new price.. $1000 more then the original price he first gave me. I was unimpressed , he said he showed the price to the manager and that he said it was too low. then he said he would have to call me in a couple days to see what he can do.I waited 3 days and then I called them back, he said manager just walked in and said would talk to him and would call me back.....im still waiting for the call.... one week later....I would think they want to sell the car no? especially since a customer is interested.very disappointed in the customer service here at airport kia! very unprofessional of the business!I will not go back and neither should you
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