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Fairbank Middle School
York, ON
Feb 12, 2014
Please don't send your child to this school!!!!The Principal Ms Alvarez is evil and doesn't giveThe kids a chance, her first instinct in any situationIs to call the police, the kids are so frustrated by theTeachers physical and verbal abuse they are lashingOut themselves, there is pushing, shaving and yanking At children happening to our children .. I guess Because the school is predominantly minorityChildren they should have a police. Record at 9 years old.The Vice principal is a racist and uses his ailmentTo elude and hide his filthy ways, There is a lotOf favouritism happening in the school, parents don'tComplain about a teacher or staff because your childWill suffer the consequences .. They will be harassed and methodicallyHeld back academically despite the levelOf their intelligence, social services will be called vindictivelyIf you question their conduct and you will be continuouslyBe asked to remove your child from the school, It's a shame that they treat these children likeAnimals and it seems as though the school board accepts thisDisgusting behaviour.. I am so appalled by the actions Of the staff at this school.. Investigate this school before some Child has a broken neck or worse caused by these violent teachers..
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