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Edmonton, AB
Aug 05, 2016
Bad management resident manager named phil keep talk but get nothing done security instead of real camera they prefer use cheap stuff and put fake one so it "scared people " but the word go fast all the bum around know they not real .... front door always broken so people can go in and out ...bed bug and cockroach in the 17 bldg soon as i found one bed bug in my app i pack my thing and leave same with cockroach.... they treat unit but one by one (never use smoke or real product) soo the bug pack and move somewhere else or spread to another unit no maintenance or cheap fix up done by a young goof named charles who just walk around smoke sell dope and go fuck all the hookers in the complex instead of working Paid 1200 $ for two bedroom wich i rate at 2/10 did lots of fix up ... end up leaving the place in better state than when i rent 6/10 AND they fucking scam me my dommage deposit because i gave 2 week notice(what was on my list when i sing ) instead of 1 month (what the new management wanted ) for been honnest i could continue like that for hours theres too much too said about this dump ... jukie drug dealer people who steal all around i guess its what you need for been approuv too rent got too had at least one good court case .... ugly place dirty place unsafe place water not good i spend my own money too get it test and its a no go ... same thing with the air ... with the lack of maintenance there alot of black mold and all other stuff build in the wall and structure .... sewer water backing up in every bldg in every laundry room they use machine who scam people too ... they should take down this place at 100 % i lost soo much money and so much stress living there i would just recommand it too my worst enemies and not even i think its too grimey
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