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Brutte Construction
Regina, SK
Jul 03, 2016
Dont hire Brutte to install eavestroughs. They did mine and just slapped them up on my older house without checking the levels and they overflow at the wrong ends opposite the downspouts. I had to install two more downspouts on the south of my house to fix this, so now I have three downspouts on one side, I have to install another on the north side. Also I have a problem with water getting down between the back of the eavetrough and the board it is nailed to. The flashing they put behind the trough has a lip on it for the water to drip off. They just slapped these up there also and then the metal of the trough does not go tight against the board leaving a gap for water to drip down. The lip was supposed go over to top of the back edge of the trough so the water drips into the trough. I am disgusted with this and it all has to be taken down and I will complain to the Better Business Bureau. Also when they shingled my roof, I had a flat top at the peak that I could walk on to check my chimney and trim tree branches. What did they do? They constructed a new peak to go up like a triangular point without asking me and now it is so dangerous to walk on I have to crawl on my hands and knees. I was so angry when I noticed this and they are just lazy to shingle it like the old shingles were. I don't need this ignorance from a construction company demanding to be paid saying they did it right. Bullshit! They were in a hurry to get to the next job and just thought I wouldn't notice their ship shod handiwork, slapping the troughs up like that without cutting the flashing so the lip was at the right height, I mean who trains these people?
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