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RCC Waterproofing Toronto
Toronto, ON
Nov 26, 2019
Our house in Scarborough needed to waterproofed after a nasty basement leak sprung up in our cantina. We got a hold of Jamie after we were recommended to speak to him and he walked us through the process of solving this leaky basement problem. He was very knowledgeable and professional during the whole time and answer all of our questions about the process, pricing, etc. The crews then came shortly after and Ray and Eddie were a pleasure to have come and seal the basement leak. They took care of it from the inside of the house as our paver stones prevented the team from doing an exterior waterproofing, but they assured us that an interior waterproofing would take care of the issue. We have been leak free since the fix and the cantina is even less damp. Excellent customer service and a 5 star job. Thanks RCC.
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