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Wynn Fitness Meadowvale
Mississauga, ON
Dec 01, 2020
This place has been ripping members off by continue to charge fees during COVID- 19 closures and when asked to refund the fees, were told you have free time credit (6 months) on the account. Secondly rather than closing the account upon request, were told the account is frozen and yet again were charged the annual fees. The guy on the phone, rather than listening the customer to understand their logic, was kept talking over the customer with rude and disrespectful tone and never stopped until customer had to use a foul language to force him stop talking over....of course then he would disconnect the call. What a shame that company such as Wynn Fitness would rip off people with money for services never offered during this Pandemic and also keep unfriendly staff to aggravate customer's than addressing their genuine concerns for resolution. All in all we were exploited and ripped off for 6 months of membership fees close to $400 in total....
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