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Toronto, ON
Jan 10, 2021
Our first floor toilet was leaking onto the roof of the basement,we thought it was the bathtub drain that was leaking,we arranged them to come and check it out,we sent pictures to them so that they could give us a quote,they gave us quotes for initial inspection and then the different fixes that may have to be done,they came at the appointed time and realized that it was just a caulking issue,they told us that this was not something they could fix but then they didn't even charge us for coming in and doing the inspection. I really appreciate the integrity of this business.
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By Plumbera on May 19, 2022
Thanks, Cordovan, for taking the time to share your experience with us. Plumbera's team is always looking forward to delivering honest customer service. Therefore, After a thorough assessment has been completed to pinpoint the problem, our plumbing experts will always be prepared to provide quick solutions, avoiding costly replacements for you as much as possible. Thanks for trusting Plumbera.