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Plumbera Scarborough
Jan 26, 2021
Scarborough plumbers can really get on your nerves at time especially when it comes to punctuality. I had been wanted to repair a faucet and this local guy was delaying it for day. Finally, I went online where I saw Plumbera and their emergency plumbing service is highly appreciable. Keep it up Plumbera!!
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Plumbera Markham
Jan 25, 2021
I really heard good thing about this plumbing company but couldn’t believe till the time I actually had to see them working. I had to get in touch with them as my water heating system stopped working. Local plumber from Markham said that the whole thing needs to be replaced and I costed a lot in the past. I went for a second opinion, hired Plumbera and they could easily fix it at reasonable cost.
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