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Toronto, ON
Jan 30, 2021
I left them a message via email. The owner personally reached out to me within an hour on the weekend and asked the issues I was having. Within two days, he was able to send their team to fix two leaking faucets and to change two shutdown valves that were also leaking, they came to my place on time and they were very professional. they were kind enough to take their shoes off before I asked, they were able to fix all the issues I had within an hour. I was very satisfied with their customer services, knowledge, experiences and skills. I will definitely go back to this company again.
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By Plumbera on May 19, 2022
Hello, Wadsworth. Thanks for taking the time to qualify our plumbing services. Plumbera is glad to hear that our professional team was able to comply with the services you requested, such as; replacing the leaking faucets and the shutdown valves. Also, it is a pleasure to hear that our plumbers were polite and delivered excellent customer service. Plumbera is proud of our experienced team. They are well prepared and reliable. Once again, thanks for mentioning their skills. We appreciate your business, and we hope we can help you again.