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Feb 09, 2021
I am so happy we went with plumbera! Chris is extremely personable and knowledgeable! he kept both my wife and I in the loop at all times. I was able to view through his video camera of the roots that were penetrating into or already inside the pipes almost every 4ft-5ft. I was even able to videotape it so I can share it with my wife while he was working at the hospital. In addition he noticed these clay pipes were not aligned (probably from earthquakes and the intrusion of roots) we also only had two original clean outs (one by the kitchen sink and one by the laundry)- we had zero around our bathrooms! they were reasonable in price adding 3 additional clean outs and replacing all of our pipes that were in the most awkward places in our front corner lot. We appreciate their transparency and were vocal in sharing ways where we can save money without hindering the quality. i would love to highly recommend them.
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