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Brilliex Pest Control Toronto
Apr 17, 2021
I am glad to have found Brillie Pest Control to help me with my bird and raccoon issue. I took a careful look, did my search and narrowed down to a few pest control operators. At the end I decided to go with Brillie and now after I saw how professional they were in showing me the issues (before and after), what not to fix to save me money ,they also went beyond what they promised by adding stronger mesh and removing the nest with no extra cost to me. Thank you for a great job. I can sleep at night knowing these issues are now taken care of.Pradeep A
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By on Aug 10, 2023
Thank you, Pradeepan, for choosing Brilliex Pest Control Toronto. We're glad we could help resolve your bird and raccoon issue professionally and exceed your expectations. Sleep well!