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Rug Cleaning Toronto
Toronto, ON
Apr 29, 2021
Hello Kathy and "Love Your Rug"I'm writing to thank your company for the convenient delivery service, providing accurate dates for pick up and delivery, and the affordable price you charged to thoroughly clean our area rugs! What a relief to have found you!Years ago, I contacted a local rug cleaner and was given such a high price, we had to clean the rug ourselves on our back deck, which as you would know, doesn't work well. More years went by and another rug cleaner took a rug, then he had an illness sadly, but rather than tell us that was why it was taking weeks longer to return the rug, than the dates given (which we would have had understood), he returned the rug uncleaned as though it were cleaned!! You could still see the coffee table leg impression dents on the rug when he unrolled it. He did refund our money, but by this time I was so deflated not knowing where to turn, so the rugs have sat for years!! without being cleaned and I keep a clean house, so it has truly bothered me!We renovated our kitchen all winter and they simply had to be cleaned or we were going to pay to replace them, which would be an added expense we didn't need, so I took a chance on your company and I'm so delighted to have found a company who does exactly what they say for a price that people can actually afford! We will recommend you and we thank you all for providing us with a great service! Carol RWest Ottawa
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